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Kiosk Favourites

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Tommy - Aldabra Tortoise

Tommy the Aldabra tortoise is considered by many to be a celebrity of our park. He is thought to be around 150 years old (however we need to have his age verified) and weights around 150 kilograms.  Many people remember him from their childhood visits to the park and are always happy to see him strong and well. Tommy loves lettuce, apples, and cabbage, as well as bathing in his very own pool which has been built on our lawn.

Bonnie Face - Dromedary Camel

Bonnie Face is our resident dromedary camel. He travelled up to us from South Africa in 2018. He is a friendly boy who loves his food. His favourite snack is leaves from the game park. He is very vocal; you may hear him gurgling and grumbling as you walk past the enclosure.

Image by Trac Vu
Image by Marcus Löfvenberg

Hunter, Ed & Shenzi - Spotted Hyena

Our elusive spotted Hyena came to us from South Africa this year as part of a project to educate more people on the importance of the Hyena species.

Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swan - Ostrich

Our two ostriches were rescued from Matabeleland where leopard had decimated their flock. We are hoping they will breed at the park and their offspring will be released into game parks and reserves. Jack's favourite thing is to show off his beautiful big black feathers to guests who walk up to the enclosure.

Elizabeth is a much quieter and calmer bird than her partner and will rarely be found prancing around showing off. She enjoys eating out of guest's hands and adores fresh lettuce and game cubes.

Image by Simon Infanger
Image by Jack Kelly

Happy & Snappy - Crocodiles

Our two crocodiles, Happy and Snappy are firm favourites with our visitors. Seeing these beautiful animals up close, but through the safety of the fence is a very special experience. They are just about always found lying in the warm sunshine during the day, although they also enjoy soaking in their pond when it gets very hot.

Sango & Bundu - Greater Bush Baby

Sango came to us having been badly attacked by dogs. He sustained very bad skin injuries across his legs and tummy. It took a lot of nursing and physio to recover him and thanks to our dedicated team, the scars on his limbs do not hinder his movement too badly and are reabsorbing slowly.

Bundu was found in a bag at the front gates of our ark. She was thin, scared and had terrible tail injuries, with bones sticking out at all angles. For two weeks she was on antibiotics, so the infection levels dropped, then her tail was amputated. If it weren’t for the treatment and amputation she would have certainly died from the infection. Despite her short tail, she has recovered well. 

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Image by Bernd 📷 Dittrich

Vervet Monkeys

These cheeky monkeys can be seen all around the kiosk area. They are up their monkey business and very busy you won't miss them while walking around the enclosures or while sitting at the kiosk. 

Please remember - do not feed the wild animals! 

Resident Baboons

We have a wild troop of baboons in the park that can sometimes be seen up in the granite rocks of the game park. The troop are very "streetwise" and don't come too close to the kiosk.

Image by Hans Veth
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