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Ostrich Feeding

US $2 per bag of food

Why not feed our Ostriches! Captain Jack and Elizabeth Swan love their cubes and shiny things!


Camel Feeding

US $2 per bag of food


The camels are a host of weird and wonderful, come along and meet the caravan of camels. 
Come face-to-face with Bonnie Face - It’s one of life’s must-do experiences! Our dromedary camel is rather fond of attention and especially enjoy a tasty treat!

Lion Feeding

Included in Entrance Ticket

We feed our lions at 2.30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. Guests are welcome to walk around with our staff and enjoy seeing the lions fill their bellies and crunch up their lunch!  This is an amazing opportunity to see the lions come right up to the fence, and no doubt catch a glimpse of their huge teeth and claws. It also makes for great photographs.

We also feed our lions during the week, but the days and times vary.  If you want to see a feeding during the week, please contact us in advance.

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