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Snake World

Included in Entrance Ticket

Just down the road from Lion Park is our partner attraction, Snake World. Entry to snake world is included in the Lion Park ticket. This newly refurbished attraction is home to over 30 species of snake which can be viewed safely in glass aquariums. From the harmless Grass Snake to huge Black Mambas, Pythons, Boomslang, Spitting Cobras and Gabon Vipers. The tour will undoubtedly get your heart racing, and you will learn about the various types of venom, reptile behaviour, and most importantly, the importance of conserving these unique animals.  

Snake world is also home to our smaller crocodiles, monitor lizards, and little chameleons which you are invited to handle and learn why fake rumours and myths are causing the decline to this species that is so essential to human health.

Image by David Jdt
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